Bamberg in the north of Bavaria is famous for three things: For Bamberger Beer , the “Bamberger Reiter” and the “Bamberger Kaiserdom”. The beers from Kaiserdom Specialitäten Brauerei are the ideal combination of all these three items, as they stand for the adorable taste of Bavarian beer specialties.

Beer belongs to Bamberg, just like the „Bamberger Domreiter“ belongs to the „Bamberger Kaiserdom“.

Theoriginal  mystical stone horseman „Bamberger Domreiter“ islocated in Bamberg’s Cathedral „Bamberger Kaiserdom“. Beerdrinkers all over the world have come to  know the „Bamberger Domreiter“ as an Ambassador of tastefulness, therefore he adornsall Kaiserdom beer-specialties. Our specialty brewery is named after Bamberg’ s more than 1,000 year old cathedral, Bamberger Kaiserdom, that was founded by Emperor Heinrich II. in 1004. Our brewing tradition exists since 1718. In accordancewith  our heraldic motto "Discerning Mature Taste by Brewing Craftmanship“, all of our beer specialties are crafted in Bamberg, Bavaria and sent all over the world.

In Bavaria there are ca. 700 breweries,  ca. 300 in theadministrative region of Franconia and ca. 180 in the sub-administrative region of Upper Franconia, to which Bamberg belongs and nine of them are based in Bambergcity – including also  Kaiserdom Specialitäten Brauerei,the largest of the Bamberger breweries.