Regular Accolades

The Beers from the Kaiserdom Specialitäten – Brauerei are brewed to satisfy the most discerning of all beer drinkers. The experiences as a brewer since 1718 and the meticulous care taken during storage form the basis for the high quality of our beers. Internal Quality circles and external examinations.
The Kaiserdom Specialitäten Brauerei regularly participates with different beers in the quality examinations of the “DLG “ German Agricultural Society . The beer test of the “DLG “ is one of the strictest and most comprehensive  in the world. It encompasses not only the important taste testing, but also an analytical examination . Taste stability and tenableness are also graded.


Current Prizes

Kaiserdom Specialitäten Brauerei has been distinguished by “DLG “ for more than 30 years . Also in 2014 we received the coveted prize for long standing product quality for our beers . Kaiserdom has received this prize for its beers without interruption for 29 years. Consistent quality is paramount in winning the confidence of the beer drinker. “ The DLG  prize for long standing product quality documents that we have maintained our high quality standards for more than 30 years “ says Georg Wörner , owner and CEO . “ Beer drinkers the world over today know that a bottle or can of beer which carries the Kaiserdom brand name contains the highest quality best tasting beer. “

Only 55 of more than 1300 breweries received the “ Prize of the Best “ in Gold . Kaiserdom Specialitäten Brauerei is the only brewery from the Bamberg area .  Among the other prize winners are one brewery from Austria and one from Sweden.